For Luminous and Glowing Skin

Tanned, luminous and glowing skin is a dream for lots of women including me. Tanned part is now easier with upcoming summer time. But what about the luminous and glowing part?

After 10 days of  sun bathing and swimming, I was back from a wonderful vacation. And it was time to find an extra moisturizing skin care product for my dehydrated dry skin. After some research I decided to try out a “Shimmer Oil” exactly like the one Beyonce is using on this picture. Shimmer oils help to nourish and protect the skin, thanks to an exclusive mixture of fine oils and Vitamin E.  And thanks to its small golden particles, your skin glitters and reveals its beauty whenever you move.

Here is the list of the best “Shimmer Oil” products in the market;

Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil

Apricot kernel oil, carrot oil, rice germ oil, E-vitamin, gold particles and its patented mineral formula for former skin; just luxury.

NUXE Multi Usage Dry Oil- Golden Shimmer

Dry oil with a unique superactivated formula combining plant oils and Vitamin E to nourish, repair and soften face, body and hair.

NARS Body Glow

A unique blend of Monoï de Tahiti oil combined with a rich chocolate shimmer for glowing, healthy and naturally fragrant skin.
One of the most popular shimmer oil in the market. The ultimate multi-purpose beauty oil soothes and moisturizes the skin with an addition of rich chocolate shimmer for a natural glow. The lightweight, sheer oil is absorbed immediately on the skin.

BODY SHOP Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil <== Sebla’s favorite..!!

Very similar to NARS Body Glow. This lightweight body oil with honey gives skin an even honey-bronzed look with a hint of shimmer. Tan-enhancing shimmer and glow is so good on taned skins. Easy to apply with a non-greasy finish. And most importantly affordable price..!!

My choice is Body Shop “Honey Bronze Shimmer”.  I have been getting a lot of compliments because of my glowing skin nowadays.

Remember that luminous skin is always ‘in’. Having a luminous and glowing skin has often been referenced as a sign of health and fertility.  Don’t you think it is therefore so attractive? :)