Pieces Accessories 2011 Fall Campaign

Danish brand Pieces Accessories is already out with their 2011 Fall Collection. Accessories, especially cuffs and bracelets are adorable. It is certain that some of them will come home with me in this fall.

Check out their latest autumn video. The incredible voice in the video is from the Danish singer Hannah Schneider. Enjoy…


✿ I want my nails to shine..!! ✿

Uslu Airlines; created by make-up artist Feride Uslu from New York. RIK is the first polish in their newly started ‘fashion designer’ series. The collaborateur for this one is Ulrika Lundgren from Amsterdam, createuse of the label ‘Rika’. Stars are the signature of her label, black is the colour of choice: when you apply what seems to be just a black polish, little stars appear on your nail. I loved it..!! It is unfortunatelly sold out on their webpage. I cannot wait to try this on my nails.

If you want stars and don’t want to pay 21 € for a nail polish , try Pieces..!! Smaller stars and no color, but still works.