H&M Magazine Spring 2011 issue and “Best Spring Looks”

Spring is finally here..!! What are we going to wear this summer? This is the question H&M Magazine Spring 2011 issue covers in a very nice way==> “Best Spring Looks” . Punk Chic, 70′s, color blocks, graphics, floral prints and more..  I loved the red jacket on punk chic..!! Which one is your favorite? “Best Spring Looks”

Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey @ H&M

Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey, Penn Badgley joined H&M‘s latest campaign for their new Fashion Against AIDS Collection. The collection will be available in H&M’s Divided department, beginning on April 26, 2011. 25 % of sales will be donated to Designers Against AIDS and other HIV/AIDS prevention projects worldwide. I hope Chuck Bass is next @ H&M. :)