Mulberry 2011 Fall Campaign

Those who are following my blog know my weakness for Mulberry bags. I purchased 2 Mulberry Alexa bags this year.My Mulberry Mini Alexa Watermelon and  Oversized Oak Alexa bags were with me everywhere.

The new Mulberry 2011 Fall Campaign made my heart beat faster. How gorgeous are the bags from this collection??!! I particularly loved the oversized green satchel in the following picture. Which one is your favorite?


New in: Mulberry Mini Alexa Watermelon

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I have a weekness for Mulberry. Especially for Alexa. I was fortunate to add a new Alexa satchel to my collection last week ==> Mini Alexa Watermelon..!!

Mulberry’s Alexa satchel with its fruity finish is right up our summer street. The refreshing pop of watermelon colour is a great way to make a statement, and despite what the weather says, I’ll be carrying a case full of sunshine wherever I walk.


The bigger version of this bag (the one just called  Alexa) is very practical everyday bag. The messenger design can be worn across the body or held in the crook of your arm. You can have your notebook, make-up bag, books, files and everything you need in this bag..!! If you want to read more about Alexa and se my Mulberry collection ==>  Click..!! Click..!!

Mini Alexa is perfect for those like me who don’t carry much stuff around in the summer time. I also love the fact that it has a cross body strap, so convenient for times when I want to keep my hands free! ;)

What do you think?

New in; The four-leaf clover ‘Kismet by Milka’

Have you ever heard of the word “Kismet“? “Kismet” means fate, a predetermined or unavoidable destiny. It is also the name of the designer jewellery collection by Milka Karaagacli. The fine jewellery collection is an urban projection of dusts sprinkled from Istanbul’s oriental identity. It is both modern and simple, yet authentic and Turkish. The fine jewellery collection mostly concentrate on using pink gold, white, black, cognac colour diamond and natural sapphire. You can see her collections here==>click-click<==

As you can see in my blog, I love “The four-leaf clover”. According to legend, each leaf represents something: the first is for hope, the second is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck. The four-leaf clover brings good luck to their finders, especially if found accidentally. I have not found one yet. But I got myself a ring from Kismet with those four leaves. I hope that these pure gold ring will bring me luck..!! :) It is so chick, sweet and modern.

I also loved the gold necklace with angle wings. It is designed for the angles without wings. Like me.. ;) It can create miracles on my brown skin this summer. What do you think?



New in: Mulberry “Alexa”

Do you have an object that you have been dreaming to own with a growing desire?? I had one. I have been lusting for a long time for this oak It bag that is made of soft buffalo leather. And finally I am a happy owner of  ==> Mulberry “Alexa”..!!


Fast becoming one of Mulberry’s most iconic bags, the Oak Alexa is inspired by Mulberry muse Alexa Chung, it’s design is a fabulous cross between the classic Bayswater and the Mulberry briefcase. Ultra versatile, the messenger design can be worn across the body or held in the crook of your arm.

Here are some examples of celebrities that love “Alexa”. Whick color is your favorite?