Black and white stripes and maxi dresses ..!!

Black and white stripes and maxi dresses ..!! Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Halle Barry and other chic stars are falling for this trend. These dresses are the must have pieces for summer 2011.

I will definitely experiment this trend by pairing a white & black dress with flat sandals, long necklaces and with some colorful nail polishes. What do you think?

Skinny waist belts

Skinny belt trend is not over yet. We are going to see lots of them in different colors for this summer.  Skinny belts are giving your outfit a subtle, elegant touch. They are so effective cinching a little party dress or a high waisted short.  Night or day..!! They are everywhere.

You’ve seen skinny belts everywhere but maybe you haven’t invested yet. I’m here to tell you that it’s now  TIME..!! I have just found these imitation patent leather 3-pack belts with metal buckle in H&M. They are in different colors and one pack with 3 cost only 79 DKK. It is a economic way to start trying this popular trend.

My only concern for today is ==> Pack with the black or with the bronze belt?? :)

Another electrifying hot shade from Dior ==> ALOHA..!!

Fluorescent colors are so popular this summer..!! Dior’s new released fluorescent nail polishes are therefore not a surprise for us.

Dior’s new Electric Tropics Collection includes two Catwalk Duo nail polish. My choice from those two is the searing deep orange Aloha (#638). As you can understand from the word “Duo”, each nail polish is packed with a super glossy topcoat to add a special flash of shine to your summertime nails.

Rings; Pilgrim Clutch; Balenciaga Nail ; Dior ALOHA

Because Dior is so organized, it also gives you a little instruction booklet. Skimming through the instructions it reads, apply 2 layers of polish and apply the top coat about 30 seconds after the second coat of color. I have already spoiled my tanned fingers with Dior’s Aloha. Unfortunately I had not enough time to use the topcoat for the picture above. But the bright tropical shade still stands out.

I have been told that these nail polishes should be stored in a dark place.  They obviously have a fluo formula, which pick up a glow when one is out at night.  I can’t wait to test this soon. :)

Once again, Dior polish never disappoints..!!

Spring/ Summer 2011 Headwear Trend: Turbans and TurBands


Turban” is one the attention-grabbing accessories and one of the most popular trend for spring/summer 2011. Prada, Moschino, Giorgio Armani, D&G and other designers used turbans in their collections. Especially the ones which are similar to Indien Sikhs’s turbans. Sex&The City star Carrie had one of those.

My favorite is turBands..!! What is TurBand?? TurBand is a great alternative to get the look of a turban with the functionality of a headband. I loved the ones from Milly’s 2011 Collection.

Here are some examples from big designers 2011 spring/summer collections for Turban and Turband. Polka dods, graphics and color bloking rule this area too..!!

Ok lets admit..!! Wearing turban can seem too daring. But it will definetely turn heads everywhere you go..!! If you don’t dare, you can try to start with turbands as a start.

Learn how to do it yourself ==> check out this ‘how to tie a turband 3 ways’ video


Trend Alarm; Bowtie Waist Belt

2011 Spring Must-Have==> Bowtie Waist Belts..!!

Bowtie Waist Belt is an accessory that can make a monotone dress more interesting. It is definitely not an accessory only for your dress this year. You can complement pants, jeans and jumpsuits with such a belt. Famous brands like Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Elie Saab, Donna Karan and more have used these lovely Bowtie Waist Belts in their collections this year.

Marc Jacobs is my favorite brand when it comes to bowtie belts this year. Their wide and youthful belts look fantastic. I especially love the leather ones. These belts reminds me of Marc Jacobs’s Lola. The design of Lola’s bottle is looking like a big bowtie with similar colors.

Tiny and elegant models of these belts are used in  Elie Saab 2011 collections. Silk is the common material for these bowtie belts.

Donna Karan has more simpler and elegant models of bowtie belts. You can change an ordinary shirt, skirt/pants combination and make your look more fun and interesting by using such a belt.

Ninna Richi and Moschino also have these bowtie belts in their collections this year. Not only belts but you can also try tying bows on hair, shoes, bags, watches and even jewelry.

You can change your entire look completely with a belt. It can be the focus of your entire outfit or just a pretty detail that finishes your look. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to experiment. This summer is the time to try diffrent styles..!!