This winter is full of glitter..!! My new obsession==> Glitter booties

Picture: Le Blog de Betty
2011 is the year for glimmer and shine..!! Glimmer shoes and boots are so trendy this winter. And Miu Miu 2011 Autumn Collection is full of those. Although those vintage look, glitter Miu Miu boots are incredibly pretty, they are not exactly my style. I would rather go for a pair from TOPSHOP’s 2011 Autumn Collection ==> Ambush glitter ankle boots..!! They are not in the stores yet, and the are totally sold out on the webshop. : (


Those Topshop boots are nearly a twin sister of the  Giuseppe Zanotti boots that I wanted to buy last year. I couldn’t give 895$ for Giuseppe Zanotti, but I will definetely walk with those Topshop versions on Copenhagen streets..!! ;)

What do you say? Miu Miu orTopshop??