November favorites from Chanel

Chanel Le Vernis, Peridot  #531

A release for Fall 2011 Chanel collection..!! This color is designed to add an intense flash of shifting color to your dark winter wardrobe. The color changes as the light plays across the surface of the nail.  There is a strong clear metallic peridot-green-gold effect with a metallic sparkle.

I loved Peridot. It is so dramatic and unusual. And it is a perfect match with black. Here it is on my fingers;

Chanel Precision Eyelash Curler

Precision Eyelash curler is a limited edition product from Chanels Sophisticated Eye Collection. The curler is all black, made in Japan, and has a very lightweight feel. It arrives in an oversized box with two replacement pads, so you get a total of 3 (that’s including the one on the curler itself). Brilliant..!!

Chanel Presicion eyelash curler is delivering beautiful lift and intense curves, the arc shape of the precision eyelash curler fits perfectly against the eyelid. Chanel fans should definetely try it..!! Remember it is a limited edition. :)

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre

These new cream-gel eyeshadow called Illusion d’Ombre come in 6 shades this fall. These are small potted shadows with a twist-off lid and small capped angled brush.

The color I have chosen is Illusoire - rich pigmented and smokey with multi-dimensional sparkles.