Black Wedding Dresses ==> Would you wear a black wedding dress?

In centuries girls have worn white wedding dresses on their big days. Fashion changes all the time but the white color stayed the same for our dream wedding dresses. Vera Wang is certainly aiming to make a change about this. She has experimented with colors before. She has tried green, blue and even purple. But for her Spring 2012 collection she went to the extreme and designed black wedding dresses.

Vera Wang thinks black adds sensuality and sexuality, and a little bit of severity to the wedding dresses. I loved the designs, but they are still black. I think it is a bit too strange for me to wear a wedding dress in black, which is a symbol of mourn in many cultures. What about you?? Would you dare to walk down the aisle in a black wedding dress??

In my opinion white is the symbol of new beginnings. White is hope … White means peace and good intentions … Good men carry a white flag and pirates flag is always black…

Most importantly, the princess is waiting for the prince with the white horse and the evil knight rides always a black horse. :)