There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign..

I am so happy today. I am going to be travelling in the next couple of weeks. To the places with lots of sun..!! Now I am trying to kill the time by reading fashion magazines in Munchen airport. I have to wait two long hours for my connecting fligt.

By the way I have been shopping a bit in the airport. This waiting time after check-in can be so dangerous and expensive..!! I could simply not resist and I bought an Alexa bag from Mulberry’s 2011 Spring/Summer Collection. Which color do you think I have chosen?



  • Oya

    Kahverengi modeli hayallerimi süslüyor..!! Güle güle kullan

  • Selma

    Ahhhh.. Lacivertini istiyorum. Cok kiskandim ;)

  • honeybunny

    AHHH SEBLAAAA:D kahverengi, siyah, lacivert hiç fark etmez. Benim rüya çantam bu. Güle güle sağlıklı ve huzurlu günlerde kullan..

    • Sebla

      Cok tesekkürler Eylem’cim. Darisi basina. Italya turunda seninle beraber Izmir’e döner belki.. ;)