Chanel says: Intense pink, the universal shade of happiness..!!

I wrote about Chanel Spring 2012 nail polishes before. Chanel named their 2012 nail polishes after the months of spring. April, May and June…!! Here is my previous post about these dream shades==> Click..!! Click..!!

I already fell in love with June. June, which is a lovely creamy pastel apricot color was my favorite. But after trying May on, I totally changed my mind. I bought May, which is a soft, sweet baby pink.

According to Chanel, May is an “intense pink, the universal shade of happiness.” It is not an intense pink but I totally agree about this being a happy color. May is so girly and innocent. Try it yourself..!! :)

Special Design Charging Docks for iPhone and iPod

To be honest I hate to see cables all around the house, but with so much electronics in our lives, the cables are an inescapable fact.

Fortunately, there are genious people who are dedicated to solving this problem by creating decorative objects that precisely camouflage those cables that are almost impossible to hide behind furniture. RichNeeleyDesigns is one of them..!! They designed very special charging docks for iPhones and iPods. It’s at home on a table, shelf, nightstand or desk. You almost don’t notice that it’s a charger. No more dropping the cord behind the desk! Genious..!! :)

I ordered one already..If you are interested you can have a look here ==>  Click..!! Click..!!

Hugo Boss Spring 2012

Top model Sean O’Pry stars in the HUGO Spring 2012 campaign and shows us how to pull off the cutting edge cool James Dean look this spring. Slim cut jackets and shirts, casual V-neck t-shirts and minimalist leather accessories. So cool, so HUGO!

Sean O’Pry is on my top list of the sexiest male models. After Jon Kortajarena of course;) I really think that these photos are so cool… Especially the first one is so 007 :)


A fun idea for Valentine’s day

I always moan about people spending lots of money on Valentine’s day. But I have to admit that I always expect a present. Or at least flowers and a card. Sorry..!! There is no excuse for me not to at least buy flowers.

While talking about Valentines day, I want to share a bit silly but very entertaining idea. Don’t you think dressing up a little matchy matchy for a special date night like valentine’s day sounds totally fun?? Yes..!! Yes..!! :)

The Kooples is a French-based boutique for guys and girls and their whole advertising campaign is based on real life, good-looking couples. Kooples takes a uniquely simple approach as a way to marry two gorgeous looks into one perfect couple. I loved the idea of dressing up a little matchy matchy with my boyfriend. What do you think?

You can see my favourite Kooples couples above and view videos below, or you can take a look here to see more. Warning..!!  These guys pull off a gorgeous style so effortlessly.. They are beautiful…  They all have sophisticated accents… And they all are in love. So if you are single, don’t watch the videos on Valentine’s day..!! It will be depressing for you. :)